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Cheap writing services are not rare in the Internet nowadays. Still, there are companies offering excellent papers and average prices. There are also ones writing good papers at low prices. Both types are usually fine to interact with, and they are treating clients pleasantly enough.

The 7dollaressay.com service belongs to the third type of essay services. Read the following review to understand what we mean but beware: there is almost no good news for you to find out.

7dollaressay.com Service Review

The website literally meets users with a dissonance: the title sounding as “7dollaressay.com” says the service targets the US market but the main picture of their homepage shows the Big Ben which is totally British. Well, the first impression is already failed. So, what’s up next?

The next thing to mention is the design itself which is not the best. The layout is well optimized for wide PC monitors with high screen resolution. However, if you have a smartphone, a tablet or a small laptop, get ready to face problems. In case of the smaller display resolutions, layout elements get mixed and prevent users from navigating through the 7dollaressay.com pages comfortably and freely. The bright color palette turns into a tasteless cocktail of randomly placed pictures and letters, and there is nothing to do to fix this thing, it’s just the layout itself.

What about the content? There are many keywords clearly visible when scrolling pages down and that’s it. Nothing useful can be retrieved from pages at all: 7dollaressay.com tests were written just to fill the space on the site and to optimize contents for search engine rankings. Nobody cared about users.

Our review expert still had some hope and wanted to write a completed article, so he decided to contact the company’s support managers via chat and ask them for some assistance.

Review: 7dollaressay.com Support Service

Well, they left a positive impression. The answer was almost instant, clear, and understandable. The support team member was able to explain how the order is placed, to give approximate costs for essay papers, and to help making the order for an assignment. All in all, customer support team members of 7dollaressay.com company knew their job. They were the only positive moment in this review. Things that happened further were much worse.

7dollaressay.com Writing Review

The test order contained the request to write a 2-page essay on sociology for a college-level task with standard formatting. If writers were really qualified, this assignment would be no problem to complete. The reality was much different.

Our review expert received the completed assignment 15 minutes after the deadline. This is not the worst thing in our case, but 15 minutes can be critical for other students with urgent assignments.

The overall quality of the paper was… lower than average. Some typos, grammar mistakes, incorrect formatting, and the text barely touching the stated sociology essay topic could be found there at once. Well, 7dollaressay.com, at least you tried.

Review of Prices

This is another relatively positive thing about this website. The price our review expert had to pay for the paper was quite affordable: 2 pages of a sociology essay cost less than 20 dollars here. Still, as we already said, 7dollaressay.com is not the best solution in terms of quality.

To Summarize the Review

Our tester really had hopes about this website. Despite its navigational and layout difficulties combined with bad contents, customer support managers working for 7dollaressay.com were qualified specialists able to provide users with the required help. Nevertheless, the final result was so disappointing that even low prices couldn’t save the case. In fact, this service has nothing to offer, still taking money.

In our opinion, it is better to pay a bit more but to be sure about the quality of the result. Check other articles available on our review website and you’ll find trustworthy companies to order without any problems.

What’s the final mark of 7dollaressay.com? Probably, 2 out of 5 points earned by support managers only will be enough. We do not recommend asking 7dollaressay.com company to provide academic assistance in case the quality matters more than price.

Rating: 2.4, Website review. Author: Brenda Shay