EasyHomework.Net: Requesting Academic Assistance with no Worries

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As there are a lot of scammers, it is necessary for our reviews to exist, so you will learn about fraudulent and reliable companies. EasyHomework.Net is one of the reliable ones, and we will provide arguments on this point based on the results of our little research. Like any research, it deals with an important aspect of writing service and its representation by EasyHomework.Net writing company.

Cheap, Expensive or Just OK?

One of the first things that interest students is affordability of a service. There is no point of a high-quality service if you cannot afford it. To check EasyHomework.Net, we visited its pricing page. We must say that the prices are quite okay. Basically, you can get a paper starting from $9.90 per page, and we saw the lower price only on some fraudulent services’ websites. We can make a conclusion that the price is OK: OK if you want a high-quality paper, but if you are not a billionaire.

Confidentiality and No Hidden Charges

The safety of ordering is a crucial aspect. It is necessary to know that you will not overpay, or charged for nothing. As we checked, EasyHomework.Net offers customers to pay via the websites of famous and reliable payment systems. This means that this company does not have your payment details and cannot get them under any circumstances. This makes the hidden charges simply impossible. Although using services of an academic assistance is completely legal, you would not want your professor to find out that you are placing orders with a writing service. As we can see, EasyHomework.Net developed a privacy policy, and it says that neither your personal information nor the text of your order will be available for any third parties.

Money Back Option

The service is a pre-paid one, which may make some students worry. EasyHomework.Net has solved this issue, as it has a refund policy. If a client has any complaints about the quality of an order, they are eligible to ask for a compensation according to the given terms and conditions.

Reaching the Service’s Support

The work of the support team defines a comfort level of a certain service a lot. As we have learned, the support team of EasyHomework.Net is available 24/7 and one can reach it in any convenient way: via phone (you will not need to pay for the call), via e-mail, via messages concerning a particular order attached to your personal account, and via live-chat, which is always available on EasyHomework.Net.

Options Available

We must say that EasyHomework.Net is quite fast: the shortest deadline they offer is 4 hours, and this is impressive! Also, in the list of subjects and types of papers we have found such options as IT projects, Accounting dissertations, etc., what made us believe that this service can deal with any technical orders as well. We have contacted the support team to find out if a multiple-choice questions exam can be done, and we got a response that such option was available for timed and not timed exams of the type. To conclude, we understood that EasyHomework.Net is well-organized and suitable for all kinds of academic assistance.

Successful Order Accomplishment

Finally, we have decided to place an order and check the quality of assistance and outcome. We requested a case study on Criminal Law to be completed within 4 hours. That was a challenging task, so it helped to test the company’s actions concerning tough cases. After we had paid for this order, there was no notification, but on our account page we could see the status “Writer Assigned”. In 3 hours and 45 minutes, we have got a notification that the order had been completed and was ready to be downloaded. We checked our account, got the file and saw that it was written perfectly well. Not only the correctness of content impressed us, but the perfect word choice and absence of grammar issues, so we could see that the paper was written by a native speaker.


To sum our analysis up, we can give EasyHomework.Net 10 out of 10. The thing is that we have not found any issues with this service and we recommend it as a great online assistant in academic writing.

Rating: 5, Website review. Author: Brenda Shay