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There are essay writing service websites of different levels. Some of them are average, some of them are excellent. And some of them are poor. Fortunately, our review for the site is not about the poor company. Unfortunately, we can’t name it great or excellent. Read this review article to see why.

Here, we are going to put some marks according to the most critical criteria of a writing service company’s quality. A closer look onto the reality will save you some time and money you could otherwise waste. is the example of a company which tries to look well but can’t keep the required service level. But, let’s hold up and start with some good news.

Review: Content looks well. That cute blue bird pretends to solve all academic problems. The overall design of pages is pleasant, and the navigation is pretty user-friendly. The text content can be called useful even despite there are sometimes too many keywords.

This all makes a good impression. Really. Our review expert first thought would enter the list of well-working and reliable writing service websites after getting familiar with their website content. Unfortunately, not every blue bird is a bird of happiness.

Review: Support

The chat button proudly states “24/7 Customer Service” is available. However, when we tried to contact them at night (1 AM), it took their managers nearly 30 minutes to send an answer. What took you so long, guys? The only positive moment we got from this: no chat-bots tried to pretend they were humans. Please, just don’t do that again. In case of an urgent order, these 30 minutes are just eternity.

Nevertheless, support managers were qualified enough to apologize for that delay and to ask about the problem. The process of order placement was relatively smooth and comfortable, thanks to professional support agents. That was a slight plus balancing the spoiled impression. But it was not the end.

Writing Quality Review of

Real problems for the review began at this point. Firstly, the completed paper was delivered one hour AFTER the 8-hour deadline expired, and nobody even gave a warning or offered a partial moneyback service as normal services would do. Secondly, the text quality was much lower than average. Four typos, two missing commas and five overcomplicated sentences in a 2-page essay on philosophy are definitely not cool. Come on, it took their writer 9 hours to write like 500 words of poorly edited text on the topic. Are you being serious?

Looks like hires freelancing students to complete their assignments, because educated and experienced specialists (promised by the website text) would definitely do their job much better. Daring to save money on salaries and get higher profits, company risks to lose more than to gain. At this moment, our review expert understands every client who stopped any cooperation with the website after such experience.

In addition, prices are even slightly higher than the average market ones, and taking their writing quality into account, this is awful. Making students pay such costs for papers written by other students is just not fair. Sorry,, you are not a winner.

Extended Conclusion review was an interesting experience. This company shows that there are ways to school polite and friendly support agents but to fail the service’s product. This website shows how to create a good image but fails to provide clients with quality services. Never judge the book by its cover, especially when dealing with academic assistance companies online.

This review would not be full without these words: we believe things can change. What is required for is to stop saving money by hiring students and to find experienced writers. Yes, they’ll cost some more dollars but the effect will be much more serious.

Cool design, good content, experienced but unorganized support and totally poor writers. 3 out of 5, but our review experts would not recommend using this service to anybody. At least until they find some better writers.

Be patient and don’t hurry up too much to bring your funds here. There are better services than Check other reviews to find them easily.

Rating: 3.3, Website review. Author: Brenda Shay