Essaybison: Real Website Review preview

Students can meet examples of different academic assistance service websites while surfing the web and trying to find a reliable company able to help to complete a high school, college, or university assignment. Some of those companies are pretty good, some are average, some are just not worth attention. And some of them are like

Before we start the detailed review, there is one thing to say: beware of service websites like They will take from you more than your time and money. They can do harm to your mental health. Website Review

The modest black-and-gray color palette chosen by web designers is probably the only worthy thing they did. Just think about that: their menu is overloaded with unnecessary pages turning the website navigation into a whole adventure. This would be good for a browser quest game but not for the writing service company with clients frequently willing to get urgent help. Bad. Just bad.

Furthermore, the content of the website looks like some random student translated it from another language into English using Prompt or any other cheap translating software without even trying to edit something. In a word, the information on website does not bring you any serious value in case if you want to know more about the company or its policies. Texts are just filled with randomly placed keyword combinations. Paired with a weird navigation mentioned previously, this fact brings a lot of experience and makes users think about leaving the website.

But what if the hypothetical customer were as patient as our review expert? What if a student chooses to ask for help? We tried to forget about terrible design and contents, and decided to test their customer support service agents.

Warning: do not try that at home!

Review of Support

Well, here you can understand why has exactly that name. They seem to hire bison to work as customer support agents. They’re slow (it took them more than 30 minutes to process a single question sent via chat), they’re rude (the further dialogue was far from being constructive), and they’re… bison. That’s it.

When asking support team representatives for help, be ready for them failing to understand your requests correctly. And prepare to solve all possible problems yourself. They won’t even try to help you bring them money. Paradox.

Our review expert had the opportunity to interact with numerous writing services but was unique. Usually, companies can offer at least something good. This one was an exclusion. Paper Review

Of course, careful and adequate students would leave the website immediately after some rude messages from customer support managers, but we needed our review to be full. That is why our review professional ordered a 3-page essay on history for a college student. We did not set to urgent deadlines as we already knew bison were slow. But as we found out, that was not the end of a story. hires bison to work on every position. Otherwise, we refuse to understand why the ordered history paper turned into a philosophy one. The assigned “writer” (our review expert could bet there was a freshman student working as a freelancer) totally ignored the topic of the paper, did not keep the formatting and style demands, made the whole bunch of possible grammar and punctuation mistakes, and finally completed the assignment 2 hours after the deadline expired and after the series of reminding chat messages.

Price Review for

To say sincerely, we would understand such a low quality if the price of papers were low. But their lowest cost per page is $18! Eighteen dollars per page of a weird randomly typed text! Come on, are you kidding?

Obviously, our review expert asked for a money back service, and… got an instant refusal because “the paper was delivered.” Period.

To Conclude

No. Just no. Don’t waste your time, money, and health interacting with There are many other services which can do their job much better. Check the top articles on our review website to find one.

And leave bison staff alone. They are not worth your attention. One of the worst companies ever reviewed. This 1 point was put only because putting 0 is not possible.

Rating: 1.4, Website review. Author: Brenda Shay