EssayTyper.Com: Magic or Nothing to Get Use Of? preview

This time we are paying our attention to the service offered by This is quite different from other custom academic writing services since it is free. However, at first glance, it is worth the price you pay for it, so it is worth nothing.

How It Works

The interface of is quite simple: you just enter the topic of the paper you need in the appropriate field and then press any buttons to make the text on the selected topic appear.


Indeed, you see an essay being written on the given issue. However, there are a lot of BUTs for this.


  • Not all topics can be helped with, and the system of can help you only with some general and widely used issues.
  • As claims, it uses Wikipedia and magic, so this means the biggest part of your text will be simply taken from Wikipedia and your professor will not like what he or she will see.
  • All the papers generated on the same topic requested are the same to the last letter. The only thing that differs is the title. This means that plagiarism is simply not avoidable, and the service just duplicates Wikipedia.
  • You cannot set any extra features for your text: you just need to enjoy what is given to you. The system of does not ask you how many pages you need, so do not expect to get a clear conclusion. There will be no references as well. The topic will be formulated the way the system wants, not you.
  • There may be misunderstandings. For example, you may search for some materials concerning war and peace, and the will tell you about a novel by the Russian author. However, this is definitely not what you need. So, in some cases, you can get irrelevant information and this can be even worse than nothing.
  • There is a blurry possibility to contact the service, but we did not find out how to do this and what to do this for.
  • One cannot copy and paste the text that appears.


To tell the truth, can rather be used for fun rather than for real academic purposes. It provides a user with the plagiarized, and in most cases irrelevant text. Usage of the will cause a bunch of problems, so it is better to keep away from it.

Rating: 1, Website review. Author: Brenda Shay