EssayVikings.Com: Justification of Your Doubts preview

Here we are offering a review for those students who are thinking whether to try EssayVikings.Com or not. A clear analysis that takes into account all the points will be carried out. From the home page, we have got ready to lies because the statistics shown on it never changes.

Services, Options, and Prices

The first thing that caught our attention was that EssayVikings.Com has a special offer – $16 per page! However, those who have tried similar services, already know that this does not sound like a good deal. When other services offer $10 per page, $16 per page sounds ironical. However, let us see, what you get paying those $16.

Offered Quality

EssayVikings.Com has three types of quality rates. As $16 is the minimum, this is the payment for the Standard quality. For you to know, there are also Premium and Platinum qualities, meaning that the standard quality paper has a lot of things which can be improved.


Why have we mentioned those $16 so often? The thing is that the service does not have the pricing list. You learn your price only after placing your order, and this sounds like a trap.

Extra Features

The only extra feature offered on EssayVikings.Com is the possibility for you not to select your writer. You can pay $9.99 without knowing who will write your paper, and this does not sound attractive at all.

Extra Services

The good thing is that EssayVikings.Com not only write from scratch but it can also correct your paper. However, the quality of such correction is another question. To learn more about the services offered by this company, we have opened the list of services and found just random texts filled with a lot of keywords for SEO optimization and nothing useful and informative.

Revisions: Possible or Not?

On the Terms and Conditions page of EssayVikings.Com we have read that there is a possibility for revisions, but this is actually all that is said about them. So, no one knows when you can ask for revisions. The deadlines for requests and the limits of the number of such requests remain unknown.

Payback Options

There is also the lack of information on refunds at EssayVikings.Com. The only thing you can see is that a refund request is not accepted if it is sent after more than 3 days. Some projects may take weeks to be reviewed by a professor. Also, you may need more time to review the delivered work if it has more than 8 pages and if you are quite busy. Thus, if you pay to, you may forget about the money paid, as you will not get them back even if the writer completes an irrelevant work.

Mystery Customer

To make our review full, we have placed an order on We needed a Biology lab report completed within 1 day, and it was supposed to take 3 pages. We decided to select Standard quality to see what is considered to be standard for this service. We got the paper minutes before the deadline, and the quality of writing was poor, making us fully convinced that the paper was written by an ESL writer. Based on the outcome and review of EssayVikings.Com website, we can give it 5 out of 10, so we would not recommend it.

Rating: 2.8, Website review. Author: Brenda Shay