GetEssayDone.Com: Is This the One You Need? preview

Here is our detailed review of GetEssayDone.Com service, as this is another service offering custom writing on the market. We have objectively analyzed its order form, refund policy, payment process, plus revision conditions, and surely tested everything in practice.

Order Form of GetEssayDone.Com

Here is what we understood from the order form options.

  • 1. This is not the service for urgent help. So, if you are a student who needs help overnight, you should look for another one because you can get the paper done minimally within 24 hours. However, GetEssayDone.Com is also not suitable for the long-time projects since the longest deadline for, let’s say, a research paper, is 10 days.
  • 2. The prices for papers on GetEssayDone.Com are above average, as the cheapest 1-page essay within 10 days will cost you more than $12, while there are reliable services which can do the same for $10.
  • 3. This agency prepares papers for Master’s students maximally, and there are no possibilities for Doctoral academic assistance.
  • 4. You can select 2 types of quality – Standard and Premium (which obviously costs more). When you pay for Standard Quality, it means that the service has left the space for improvement and something is still “underdone”.
  • 5. One can upload no more than 5 files, and this is a big restriction if you have a lot of references that must be cited.
  • 6. There is an extra feature on GetEssayDone.Com: you can pay for your work to be checked by an editor, which means that if you do not pay, you will get the work that has not been proofread.
  • 7. Typos made us suspicious, especially the question “Where did you hear from us?”

Refund Policy and Payment Process

The refund policy definitely lacks clarity because it states that some refund is possible under the given circumstances (we have not found the amounts to be refunded, at least the percentages). The only remark we have seen on GetEssayDone.Com is that a full refund is 90% of the price you pay. Concerning the payment, we can state that this is not a secure thing. One is required to provide information about their card in order to get the payment verified. We already know that such situation appears after a company has too many disputes with PayPal, and due to the ban of its account it is forced to use another payment method. It is up to you to decide whether to trust the company that got banned on PayPal or not.

Revision Policy

GetEssayDone.Com offers free revisions, but on the same page, it gives different time periods within which this is possible: 3 days and 14 days. No more conditions are stated in the policy, so you have no option but just to rely on the service which looks not really reliable.

In Practice

So, how does GetEssayDone.Com work on practice? We have paid for a research paper on Chemistry to be completed within 24 hours, and in 24 hours we got a notification that no writer had been found due to the complexity of our order. After we asked for a full refund, we were told that the full refund is 90%, so we basically got scammed.


We strongly do not recommend you to use, as you risk a lot for nothing. There are a lot of other services providing better assistance for better prices.

Rating: 1.8, Website review. Author: Brenda Shay