GreatPaper.Co.Uk: Unique Paper as per Harvard Standards preview

Here we will see the quality of performance offered by GreatPaper.Co.Uk that specializes in writing papers for British students and in British English. We will analyze what can be done by this service; for which prices; how safe it is; and how everything works in practice. To make our analysis maximally objective, we tried to place an order on GreatPaper.Co.Uk. Our impressions from the try will be mentioned below.

What Do They Do?

Without exaggerating, it can be said that GreatPaper.Co.Uk deals with everything you may face on your academic path.

  • The list of subjects on GreatPaper.Co.Uk includes Humanities as well as Technical disciplines up to IT. For the subjects that are not mentioned in the list, there is a category “Other”, providing a customer to make an order on any discipline possible.
  • Deadlines cover the urgent cases when you can get your assignment done within a few hours (4 hours are a minimum deadline, but as we discovered, it is discussable), and serious projects which require a lot of time (there is a 14-day deadline as well).
  • You can get assisted if you are a High School student as well as if you are a Ph.D. diploma holder.
  • On GreatPaper.Co.Uk you can get your paper written from scratch. However, if you need, you can also order rewriting, editing, and proofreading services.
  • To be extra sure that everything goes right, a customer may hire one of the best writers of GreatPaper.Co.Uk (top and professional writers). It is also possible to hire an extra writer, meaning that a different person will check what the previous writer has written and make the necessary corrections with an option for Editor’s services. A Turnitin report can also be ordered, but it is a specific thing: your work will not be saved in the Turnitin database.
  • No matter if you need a paper to be written, a table to be filled, a presentation to be created: all of that is possible with GreatPaper.Co.Uk. We were truly impressed with how well it covers all the options one may need.

What Are the Prices Offered?

The prices on GreatPaper.Co.Uk are fixed, so you clearly see what the cost of your assignment is. An overall impression is that the prices are average on the market, so you will not overpay. However, the service offers some tricks to its customers. Firstly, you can contact the support team, and they will give you a discount code as soon as you ask. Secondly, if you change the deadline/academic level or the number of pages, the price will change as well. Also, you can give it a try and write a merely relevant paper, and then place your order for rewriting (that is to have up to 70% of the text changed), and this will cost you much cheaper.

How Safe Is It to Order Here?

As per our analysis outcomes, GreatPaper.Co.Uk writing service is completely safe. You pay with a legal and international payment system, so no one gets your payment details. Also, all the cases that may happen with your order and their outcomes are mentioned in the policies for revisions, compensations and customer privacy, as well as in plagiarism-free guarantee. Looks like either you get satisfied or you get a refund.

How Does It Work?

To operate with facts, we placed an essay on Political Science to be completed within 2 hours. Actually, we chatted with the support manager and said that 4-hour deadline is too much and we cannot wait. After the support representative learned that the essay needs to have 2 pages, she said that it would not be a problem. Thus, we paid for 4 hours, then got an extra payment link for extra urgency, paid this, and in 2 hours we received an essay done. It was not only well-written but had reliable references, tables, and graphs. It was a good surprise, as we have never worked with a service that performs as well and fast as GreatPaper.Co.Uk.


10 out of 10 with no doubts for GreatPaper.Co.Uk!

Rating: 4.25, Website review. Author: Brenda Shay