MyHomeworkDone.Net: One of the Top Services preview

This time we will pay attention to the service we found in the top-ten list on one of the online ratings: MyHomeworkDone.Net. Staying unbiased, we will carry out our own analysis to see whether it is truly that good as others say. Our final decision will be based on the following aspects which we consider to be key to a writing company: responsibility and safety, quality, and value for money. Furthermore, we will place an order to see how the company assists its customers in practice.


By responsibility we mean the way the company treats its clients, guarantees their safety and comfortability, supports and guides them. To start with, the support team of MyHomeworkDone.Net works round the clock without days off to make sure that all the issues that may happen will be taken care of. Customers of MyHomeworkDone.Net pay through payment systems, without providing their card details, which is another plus to the safety. There is also a set of policies and guarantees designed, so a student may be sure that their paper will be corrected for free if needed, or the amount paid will be refunded if the service did not perform according to the expectations. Also, MyHomeworkDone.Net is financially responsible for meeting deadlines. Lateness with the delivery of your order means that you will get a refund, so the company controls this keenly.


The quality of writing delivers is usually defined by two factors: the level of writers, who work on orders, and the level of quality control that is provided by the service.


MyHomeworkDone.Net operates with more than 800 active academic freelance and office writers who are experts in different academic disciplines. It is a must for each writer to have at least a Master’s diploma. One can communicate with their writer in the process of order completion, so everyone is able to make sure that the true professional is working on their paper.

Quality Control

As we have found out, there is a team of professional editors who check how well the order instructions are followed. In case something goes wrong, the order is sent for amendments, and anyway, the customer will get a properly done assignment delivered within the time frames set. The quality control department of MyHomeworkDone.Net monitors the writers’ performance and just fires those who do not meet the expectations of clients. This all can be found out by just asking the support team whether MyHomeworkDone.Net has quality control.

Value for Money

The low cost is not that important as the value for money. Indeed, with some services, you can get nothing at a low cost, and this is definitely not a good deal. MyHomeworkDone.Net does not offer the lowest prices on the market, but we must admit that $9.90 per page is quite a good offer for a high-quality work. The price varies based on the academic level and deadline, so make sure to indicate the maximum deadline to save your money. There is no need to worry because orders are delivered as soon as they are done and checked, so you will not get yours in the last minutes. To save even more, contact the support team of MyHomeworkDone.Net for a discount, and you will immediately get one without any extra conditions.

Our Personal Survey

To crown up our analysis, it is necessary to test MyHomeworkDone.Net from the practical aspect, i.e. to make an order with it. We ordered a paper on Political Science to be done, and we also required a statistical analysis for it. The deadline was 12 hours and we needed 3 pages. After we filled in the order form and sent the payment, approximately in half an hour, we got a message from the writer assigned. He asked for a minor clarification, and after we responded, he politely confirmed that everything was understood and will be done on time. Indeed, in 11 hours from the time we had placed an order on MyHomeworkDone.Net, we received a completed paper, and it was truly well-done with no inaccuracies.

Final Decision

Having tested MyHomeworkDone.Net from different angles, we can say for sure that this company can be recommended for students who need help with their assignments.

Rating: 4, Website review. Author: Brenda Shay